Dr. Mo’s Terra Cotta Pumice Stone


Pumice Stone for smoothing Calluses

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Slough to Soft 

  • SMOOTH SILKY SKIN : Go from Slough to smooth with this two sided stone
  • DOUBLE APPLICATION : One side will smooth, the other will moderately exfoliate dry skin.
  • 100 % TERRACOTA : Made from 100% terracotta fired in a kiln, so it never wears out like normal pumice stones do.
  • RELIEVES ROUGH CALLUSED SKIN : This pumice stone will smooth rough callused skin. Use after softening in the bath or shower.
  • ERGONOMIC SHAPE AND SIZE – Easy and comfortable to hold in your hand



  • Wet feet and pumice stone, add a few drops of liquid soap to the rough side and gently scrub feet. Focus on especially dry or callused areas, such as heels, balls of feet and toes.
  • Then polish and smooth skin with the ribbed side of the pumice stone.
  • Works best when used at the end of shower or bath.
  • Dry feet lightly and apply Advanced Foot Cream.
  • After use, rinse terra-cotta pumice and let it dry. If needed, clean with a nail brush.



100% Natural, Hand-Formed Terra Cotta


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