Dr. Mo’s 20% Urea Dry Skin Relief Cream


Smooth skin cream that combats dry/callused skin

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Heal and Hydrate:

  • CREAM BASE : Creamy consistency, odorless and leaves no residue
  • UREA : Contains 20% Urea which helps soften and break down thick, dry skin.
  • EVERYDAY FEET MOISTURIZER : For dry to super dry feet skin Fragrance free, paraben free, allergy-tested, and non-comedogenic
  • Contains Certified Organic Aloe Vera, which speeds healing and reduces redness and inflammation.
  • Contains Shea Butter, a powerful emollient that moisturizes dry skin
  • DRY SKIN RELIEF : Extra strength moisturizing cream for dry to very dry skin; excellent for hands, feet, elbows and knees
  • COMPLETE MOISTURIZING CREAM: Clinically proven to provide immediate and lasting 24 hour relief from dry to very dry skin

Purified Water, Urea, Safflower Oil*, Stearic Acid, Glycerin, Stearyl Alcohol, Shea Butter**, Aloe Vera Gel*, Isopropyl Palmitate, Lemon Oil Blend*, Phenoxyethanol, Cetyl Alcohol, Triethanolamine, Vitamin E, EDTA, Allantoin. *Certified Organic , **Wildcrafted


Remove the lid and scoop out a very small amount of cream.

Massage into affected areas, or as directed by your doctor. If your doctor has advised you not to moisturize

between toes, avoid getting cream between toes.

Replace lid on jar and store in cool, dry place.

For best results, use after shower or bath and at bedtime or first thing in the morning.


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